Consequences of duff-up-ness
Monsoon season

It's no good

We're going to need a bigger pair of trousers.

Sprog complains loudly if he feels restricted by my clothing squishing my abdomen in a bit. It comes out as feeling like a cross between wanting to go to the loo and just... rumbling... er... something or other. you can't call it kicking, but he definitely moves in there.

Also, an unnamed benefactor has chucked over the MP3 of the Beyonce Knowles single, which sadly cuts out just before the end but I do think I am going to be forced to purchase this item. After listening to it on rotation for the last 2 hours, it doesn't piss me off yet. It makes me want to dance and wander round the house, belting out bits of it. She's got a damn fine, solid voice that woman, I mean, if the lame-ass world of pop musak gives her the opportunity to develop and not just remain this (image wise) sex-toy singer, she'll have a career for years. The rapper lad, Jay Z I do believe, as usual sounds lame and pointless like all hyper-commercial rappers (with about 2 exceptions). But in the same way that people would secretly actually rather liked some Destiny's Child singles, I think I should bite the bullet and just buy this article. And you should listen to it once or twice, it sounds almost Gladys Knight and the Pips good.

Ah... Gladys Knight... this is the peril of vinyl. You never bloody listen to the old stuff you bought years ago because it's such a faff to put on, clean, etc, etc. I'll have to zap it on to CD at the weekend (along with The Four Tops and all my bloody Pixies albums).