Wierd pins and needles
Bugging and crying pays off, it seems


So I *think* I've worked out why I felt so ill.

But the answer is fairly .... hermmmm... biological. So I've put the answer in the click thru. If you don't care about slight "ew" bodily functions, then read on!

(If you're reading this through a link or something, genuinely, this is where the real "warts and all" stuff comes in, so beware)...

Well it looks like I have food poisoning, but I was so blocked up that the horrible stuff couldn't come out until it had built up enough! Eugh.

So after feeling pretty bad all day, and having pains across my abdomen more or less every time I moved (very horribly worrying), it suddenly became IMPERATIVE that I went to the loo about 2 hours ago.

Needless to say it was a long visit (and not the last) but Jaysus, the relief. And the almost... perverse pleasure in the realisation that everything was ok, whilst bent double groaning (and all the rest). Groaning and feeling terrible but more or less smiling at the same time.

No doubt I ate some dodgy egg or summat a couple of days ago. Just goes to show you though, that stuff wanted to be ejected at great speed during last night. Half the time these days it's like walking around with a cork up yer jacksy.