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Triple yay

So tootled along to the Doc's this morning and it appears that I am completely free of Factor V leiden. God love the bloody interweb if for the only reason that it allows sites like fvleiden.org to exist, and empower people with knowledge and support about their own conditions. It makes me so happy.

Anyway. As for you Factor V Leiden people - hope you're all well on your Warfarin (including my bro) but, and you'll forgive me I'm sure for saying this: PHEW. I do not need to have bloody injections of Heparin in my belly every day throughout the pregnancy and apparently it isn't even recessive so I can't pass it on to sprog either. HOORAY!!!

Because of the family history, Dr Whatserface warned me it was likely that the ante-natal people would be very grumpy indeed about having sprog at home, but we'll just have to see. I'm not going to make some kind of earth shattering stand about it but it is highly preferable.

Anyway. generally speaking - tralala!