Thursday, plus extended L&H ramble
Saturday. No sign.

Friday. No news, plus donnie Darko, at last

I think I've said just about everything in the title!

No more contractions today. Have upped my rasberry leaf tea drinking by 100% in the hope that will help things. Went to Balham to check out new TV's (in an attempt to escape the green screen horror we currently have) and found out along the way that the "Into the Void" chain has gone out of business - which is terrible! How did that happen? Perhaps it's the way they put themselves across. I mean, if they sold more knick nack crap to kids to subsidise the comics? However, "bloke", whose name I can never bloody remember, who is the manager of the eminent Streatham branch is trying to go it alone, so I gave him some post MBA business plan advice and maybe I'll have a think about what else he could do to promote the store - get him some easy 'net CRM plans together and help him out with that side of things. He's a nice bloke, even if I did have explain to him who "Drawn and Quarterly" were.

So yeah, after the epic trip to the video shop we actually saw Donnie Darko at last. Until I realised the extent of Drew Barrymore's involvement, I was very nonplussed. How couild such an obviously idiosyncratic and ostensibly "indie" type film get such good distribution and studio backing? How the hell did it end up with Drew Barymore, Noah Whiley and Patrick Swayzee for chrissakes doing semi-cameos? Ahhh. Drew Barrymore, Executive Producer. Nice one.

I can forsee a solid future of DVD and video sales to a generation of "alternative" teenagers for that film. And it really is as good as everyone said it was. Very verrry tired now given that whilst out, I managed to convince myself my wallet had been stolen and spent a good half hour making freaked out phone calls to 5 different bloody companies to halt my cards....

Which of course I found in my wallet left on the arm of one of the sofas. Sigh.