Friday. No news, plus donnie Darko, at last
Sunday. No news

Saturday. No sign.

She's decided to go back out of my pelvis for a while.

Meanwhile, had a lovely view a few moments ago of one of the Jay's that live in the back garden area, sitting by the window. The picture here is abysmal, but the info is good. Jays are beautiful and the pair that live close by are very welcome visitors.

McK often asks me how I know about birds, when I've never been birdspotting or anything. My Mum used to have an 'Observers book of British Birds', which because of its various colour plates I used to look through often as a child. It still strikes me as being bizarre that sometimes we can be somewhere, I'll see a bird that I've never actually seen in the flesh before, and say, "Oh look, there's a Yellowhammer", or a Sand Martin, as happened when we went to the North East for a walking holiday with Mackay's parents once.

I don't even know if these wee reference books are still available anymore, what with the advent of the interweb. There's a tactile, physical difference in leafing through the pages of a book like that, and happening upon the information on a web page, as you're strolling through looking through a billion other things. Perhaps I'll see if I can rebuy some of these little books just so sprog can lie on the floor, turning the pages and looking at the pictures when she's bored.