Saturday. No sign.
Monday evening. Nope. nothin' doin

Sunday. No news


Been to the cinema twice in the last two days to help pass the time. "Kill Bill" at last, annnnnd it's good, but empty, basically. It's as if the Muses gave brilliant direction skill and a talent for witty dialogue to an eighteen year old fanboy who never grew up. "Master and Commander" meanwhile was bleedin' awful. McK of course loved it to bits, but the script was cheesy as hell. In its favour, the Cape horn scenes were almost unbearable. Anyway. Avoid.

Anyway. So more time filling activities tomorrow no doubt.

She's very active - she was trying to "Alien" her way out from midnight till 3 last night. How delightful. She really doesn't want to be in there anymore. Good, baby - come out, come out!!!