Another message from Cait
Happy New 23rd day, munchkin

Thank you Yoz, thank you everyone

This is just a short note to say thank you for all the lovely good wishes and we're all sorry (believe me) that I couldn't report back before now - particularly over the period of the labour.

I'm not going to write the warts and all her of the birth of our beloved daughter. It's too traumatising to think about everything that happened. Even the thought of writing anything has just made me burst into tears. But then that's the overtiredness of someone who has lost just about all sleep for the last 4 days, and been to a place beyond any I thought my endurance could tolerate.

I said out loud to her today that I loved her, and it felt different to anything I have ever experienced before. Attempts to ask "Was it worth it" or "Would you do it again" would be absolutely ludicrous at this or any other point. There was a pregnancy, there was a labour, there was an outcome. Luckily for me, it was the right outcome. That and to say that Mackay is a man whose determined, reasonable and tender care was the only thing that held me together. He too can't really articulate or talk about the events that took place over 42 hours of intense labour.

I think that's the end of this blog for the moment. It may transform in to a Motherhood yarn, but to be honest, at the moment there is one important person in my life. And she needs everything I have all to herself right now.

So, Tara for now.

Cait & Nora.