Will someone please stop

A week of changes

-Teething. Ow

-Speech! Well, proto-speech. We were listening to some piano something or other on Radio three. All of a suddenly "Dhai dhai dhah dhah dhai". She started wibbly talking to the radio! For about three days afterward, it was verbals with every complaint. A typical English lass, in other words. After that they started when she was surprised and interested in something (more "oooh" high pitched based sounds there). A very soft "ch" sound today. It's all happening.

-We're now in a high chair, ladies and gents.

-...and we're having lunch as well as breakfast and tea. No dropped feeds yet. Favourite food? Carrot, pear, butternut squash. Really likes broccoli, but only as a 50% mix with carrot. More than 50%, you'd better watch it.