Oh God

My children are growing

James is growing almost by the hour, and quite how he's not growing width-wise is beyond me. He drinks up all his milk, plus the extra small bottle straight after tea ( to help him sleep), plus he's eating nearly twice the recommended amount for 6 month old kiddiewinks. And yet sometimes that is still, apparently, not enough.

He's such a lovely little kid. All beautiful smiles and now a selection of excellent consonant type noises. A ba a ba a ba!

Nora is now creating pretends about anything from going to the Doctors, to the shops. Today, in the company of our lovely friends Nora reminded me many, many times of me at a young age, being very businesslike about her imaginings. Explaining them in great detail when appropriate and demanding participation at the correct level.

Yesterday, I went through a couple of new Oxford Learning Tree books I picked up with much simpler stories in than the "Read at home" ones. They are very squarely and firmly based around a short number of words to learn, with positive repetition of phrases and so on. After about 20 minutes, she could read 90% of the books to me. Imagining being that young - to have a brain with that much learning capacity and more importantly, oh Nora my love you make me so happy for you - the desire to ask questions and to use the bloody thing.

Today, I held James up in the air and he looked down at me, laughing and dribbling on to my glasses. The sun was beaming down on the garden, Nora was organising her conkers and we'd all had a nice lunch. It felt like a good day.