The man in the suit
What James ate today

James' birthday

Well there you are. James is one year old today.

Already esconsed in his "I am 1" t shirt (c/o big sister 2 years ago) James willl have to wait for his presents till I get back from work.

This year has been so screwed up. An amazing and really lovely thing - the flowering of a delightful, funny, charming little boy; the death of a friend in terribly sad and upsetting circumstances, and the death of John, my Dad in a way I can barely begin to take in. He should be here today.

James, sweetheart, your birthday notice is a little more sombre than I would have liked. Difficult to see beyond the end of my nose today. Don't worry though, the you that's reading this in future - everything was all smiles at home because you're so fantastically lovely, it would be difficult for it not to be.