A piece of news

Oh dear God....

Have you ever really wished you hadn't taken a plaster off?

Oh, I mean .. ugh. Blimey. This is one image which will be set to "Private" on Flickr, I'm telling you.

seriously though, it's an open wound about a centimeter long and 5 mil wide. I cut right in to the flesh, which has now very gingerly healed over to form a dark pink bulbous lump, peeping out of a gross, skin-gone-white-at-the-edges thick layer of skin.

There'll be a scar. There. I'm happy.

No wonder it's bloody throbbing.

Now I've got to work out how I can wash my hair after I've put a new dressing on and cleared it up (hopefully without kicking and swearing with pain). A washing up glove with an elastic band round the wrist? I'll leave it until the morning to work it out - one plan is to go in the shower, and have one hand permanently outside the curtain. Hmmm. It'll never work.