James' birthday
...contrast to 24 hours later:

What James ate today

We tend to serve James' meals in Chinese rice bowls - they are a convenient size. So, if it helps in visualising things, imagine a Chinese bowl, full to the point of approx 5 mm left - certainly less than a cm around the rim.

1 whole smallish banana mashed in to:
1 bowl of popped Quinoa (don't mock - it's gluten free and smaller than rice crispies for a  small person's mouth, ok? I know I'm a ponce. If it makes you feel any better for internally sneering, it's  fair trade and organic)
My milk (still pumping off once a day while milk production goes downhill. Partly to prevent "sore Melon tits" and partly through guilt!)

...plus half a small apple whilst waiting for nora to finish her breakfast.

Other half of apple (including core!)

Full bowl of vegetable stew with 1.5 teaspoons of cream cheese (Goats, French - lovely) melted in to make it a bit more substantial - if you've never tried it, have a go, it's delicious.
Slice of wholemeal bread spread with same cream cheese, folded over and sliced in to soldiers (we're test marketing wheat products on his digestive system since he's reached the 1 year milestone - no significant skin reaction yet, PHEW)
A reasonable hunk of hard goats cheese cut in to cheese sticks
Mashed up apple and pear, with sheeps milk yoghurt for pudding - about 2/3rds of a bowl full

Milk in afternoon - approx 5 fl oz

Tea - get this:

Bowl full of lamb stew
A fish finger
About 6 oven chips
10(ish) peas and / or sweetcorn niblets
A full bowl of rice pudding with my mum's bramble jelly in

Unsurprisingly, he only drank about 3 fl 0z's of milk before bed.

But... I mean... his stomach was *hilarious*. He looked like a middle aged man with a pot belly straining for freedom by popping the buttons. It affected his fucking walking!

In case you think I was encouraging him to eat - when I lifted him away from the table he was still pointing at chips, peas etc on my plate and wanting to get at them. He should be like some kind of entirely spherical Augustus-Gloop-baby, but in fact, he looks absolutely normal sized. Just really, really BIG. Tall. Broad shouldered. Ginormous. You get the picture.