Nora is six

Non seasonal ice cream with lemons

Sainsbury's only sell unwaxed lemons in packets of about 7, so after I'd used the zest of one lemon in a cake (ffs) I had to use up all the other lemons quick. I ran out of caster sugar so now there's some lemon sorbet made with half light brown sugar, which looks rather odd (but tastes delicious); much better than that though, in the "Iced" ice cream book there was a recipe for lemon ice cream made with home made lemon curd, and you toast some dessicated coconut then add that in too, to softish vanilla ice cream (premade), then stick it back in the freezer.

So I had to make vanilla ice cream (whilst I'm boiling lemony syrup for the sorbet) using of course, a whole vanilla pod. I personally like to cut in to the pod, to release a few of those amazing, delicious, microscopic seeds in to the custard mixture. A real vanilla pod is one of those enhanced-by-man natural miracles (it is preserved, see, it's not presented to you as if it had just come off the branch) that imparts such intense Joy and comfortable yumminess in to anything it touches. In taste terms it's an old friend, but a friend you have a deep and warm affection for, come back to visit. I love making real vanilla ice cream.

Finding time between stirring this, boiling that, and constantly whisking the other, I used up the last of the lemon on the lemon curd. I'll stop this post right here and simply say this, about home made lemon curd:


Now you could, obviously, just buy some lemon curd, and buy some vanilla ice cream, in order to make this. Just mix it up, the coconut'll only take 3 minutes in a frying pan...

But what kind of crap is that?

Cait's delicious Lemon Ice cream. Made with love.

Tonight: freeze the sorbet and make as many mince pies as possible for carol singing at work *and* for Nora to take to school tomorrow.

Phew. Anyone would think it was Christmas.