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Greenpeace action in the US - you might want to join in?

Timely reminder from Greenpeace US with regard to congress and their entirely predictable recent behaviour. Ben Kroetz explains it way better than I can (even including the "Heck" - well, the man is incensed!).

"The Gulf spill is the largest environmental disaster in American history, but Congress has done NOTHING to pass a clean energy climate bill.

Heck, the Senate can’t even pass an oil spill response bill. So how exactly does this happen? While there’s no one single answer to that question, one that needs to receive a lot more attention is the huge amount of money the fossil fuel industry throws around in Washington.

During this session of Congress alone, oil and coal companies have spent almost $15,000,000 on direct political contributions to our elected officials. And you can’t say that they don’t get their money’s worth. Their investment buys weak environmental regulations, giant subsidies for their companies and a national energy policy that keeps us dependent on dirty energy even in the face of disasters like the BP tragedy in the Gulf."

He invites you, yes, you, US resident, to download a toolkit to kick start you calling on your Congress representative, in order to at least give them some hassle, and let them know of your repulsion at their actions.

The whole funding thing is such a nightmare. It's just as bad in the UK, it's just that we're smaller, so it involves less money and seems more brazenly crass, somehow. It usually ends up involving McDonalds sponsoring a healthy eating forum at a (in power, natch) party conference or something.

Don't just sit there, as they say.