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*Yawn* again

So. Unbearably. Tired.

It's hot as hell in this office too.

So I made the decision after talking to my good friend Anita at work that I was being a dork to wait until Friday to go to the Doc's about Progesterone, so I'm going to go tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, rehydration awaits.

So. To begin.

I wanted to do this in January, and install MT myself because I wanted to learn about it, as well as start a diary / blog / whatever (ha, more on that particular debate at a later stage, I think). However it turned out that my job now entails me getting home at approx 9 every night and working most weekends or else zonking out. So sitting down for hours at a time cranking my brain in to action didn't seem likely although I clung, desperately to that hope for a couple of months.

Why now? Why has it been such a long gap between this one and the last one? For a long time I didn't actually have anything to say, about my life or anyone else's. The first one it turned out wanted me to say something very important, and seemed to let me come to terms with several rather horrible things that had happened in my past.

This one? This one is hopefully a whole bunch different.

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Preternaturally knackered.

Beginning in earnest tomorrow.

By the way, I heard today that "Ernest" was a Victorian slang word for "gay". Which puts a whole new spin on "The Importance of Being Earnest" doesn't it. Oscar was king of wags.