*Yawn* again
So. I am now calmer... a bit

Back from the Doc's

Had the progesterone test (I ended up thinking: why wait around here? Get an emergency appointment), the results of which won't be back for at least a few days (groan).

I've started taking a dispersible aspirin a day to help prevent clotting (along with all my other pregnancy tested keep-well pills), and we just have to get through to next Tuesday to see the Doc. Who I noticed today is also up the duff.

Now, I promise I'll start doing "blog" stuff and link to other sites and all of that sort of thing I'm supposed to do. I promise. You'll just have to bear with me whilst I go through the extreme paranoia stage.

Oh yes. I'll more than likely go see the herbalist from Fresh and Wild at some point this week too, but he wants to see the results of the progesterone test too before diagnosing. What he did say, which contradicted everything I'd heard before, is that Agnus Castus is a relatively good miscarriage avoider. But I don't know how much I should be taking, so I'm not going to go straight back to it (I'll explain all my herbs stuff some other time). It does worry me though that here I am, taking all these hormone regulator herbs, then the moment I know I'm knocked up, wham, I stop taking all of them. If that doesn't cause some hormonal upset, I don't know what will.

Alright already, time to now pretend I just got back from the Doctors and do some work!

Just one parting shot. It's still astounding to me, having one's life whipped up by this "thing", and everything, everything becomes about it, somehow. In a way it's depressing. Can't I just shrug my shoulders and get on with my life? Am I this much of a pregnancy zombie? Well it appears so. I'm not sure I like it. Time to try and take things gently.