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Yes, I am capable.

Just getting my head around these CSS after not having used HTML since the dark ages I have done lots of nice things so far (had a session over about an hour or so on Sunday last which achieved the "no horizontal scrolling, no massive ariel everywhere and the calendar / links on the right hand side). This was all achieved care of ripping off Tomski's css and twiddling with it, but I cannot Can Not get my banner text to show as white. I twiddled with the right bit of his, downloaded obviously, then tried with mine and still nada. I don't like my Moolies being black. It looks rather stupid. The banner will change from beign exactly the bloody same as Tom's at some point but right now it'll do. Better than the horizontally scrolling nightmare it was on day 1.

Over the coming months I will obviously twiddle with it more so I can get it looking just - o please - a little less like the regimented thing what it is. But meanwhile, I just be startin' at the beginning, so any help gratefully received.