So. I am now calmer... a bit

Swordfish trombones.

One of the major changes which I've carried through from last time is eating fish. Oily fish is good for brain development, apparently. The only trouble is, what fish are oily? Tuna, mackeral and salmon are on the list so far but I took a chance today at lunch and had Swordfish, which was a bit weirdly meaty: it reminded me texturally of chicken. Although I wouldn't know what checken was like if you forcefed me.

Given that in every day life I am a tediously moral vegetarian, I find this fish interlude very peculiar. The temporary hiatus is only partial, given that it appears that only skipjack tuna will do from an ecological perspective; that "top of the food chain" fish should only be eaten once a week or less because they're full of mercury and other toxic shit (hmm. No more Swordfish for me then).

If I'm honest? the Tuna I had in this Leeds hotel last time was entirely delicious and I felt gutted for months that I couldn't have it any more. Mackay was bemused about my strict refusal once back in the land of the foetus-less, and would keep shrugging and shaking his head, telling me that fish would be good for me (Fried fish ist gut for you!*).

So. I should imagine I'll be having quite a bit of mackeral as the months go on. If the months go on. It's just too dificult to think of this as anything but temporary.

*Hurley in-joke - stupid line from a Crazy Gang film. Incidentally, it seems miserable to me that there seems to be no Crazy Gang central homepage. Perhaps I should do one. Uhuh. In my spare time.