Yay! Punching air type victory thing
Paranoia returns

Ice packs???

A very nice physiotherapist who gave the ante-natal class on Friday suggested I do the ole' frozen peas trick on the painful "top of right leg inside thigh" thing (ie: groin).

What!!!!! Masochism was never my strong point. At least, not with something the size of a PACKET OF FROZEN PEAS ladies and gentlemen. Expect screaming. On a sligtly different tack (trying to get off that subject as fast as bloody possible), poor Mackay's even deafer than usual atm, having a load of bicarbonate ear drops in morning and night ready for an ear slooshing out on Tuesday. Consequently he sat through the whole session barely understanding anything other than the physical demonstrations of massage (he is the worst masseur I have ever known, so holefully this may help).

Oh, there was another fag incident btw. Sitting on the train home I suddenly became aware of the smell of a lit fag over the top of my newspaper. Strange how I've got so much more ac tion oriented with this kind of thing these days. I immediately yelled out as authoritatively as I could "Mate, Can you put out your cigarette right now please" (mumbles of discontent from said lad) "I'm not interested, this is a non-smoking train, put it out right now". He puts it out on his shoe, then all frustrated, leans over the carriage "Who are you, anyway?". To which the only possible answer could be "I'm the pregnant woman who doesn't want to breathe your fag smoke, alright?".

Cue wander off in a huff.

What bored me witless was the post-event mumbles of encouragement from all the middle-aged dull twits in the carriage who all went "Jolly good show, not often people do that". Well - er - why did you leave it to me then you useless bunch of tossers? One particular woman got all indignant, and started explaining to me how terrible the world was (like I cared) because she obviously felt bad she hadn't done anything - and she actually followed the lad up the aisle to go and give him a piece of her mind! Mortally embarrassed after that. Like - jaysus, what are you going to do, teach the lad the error of his ways by hectoring him?? Hardly.