Ice packs???
Not a bad book, if you want a recommendation

Paranoia returns

Ah right, so.

I've barely felt her since yesterday morning - she had a very, very small flurry when I was going to sleep last night but nothing like the usual booming feet punching out and causing my whole belly to rock, or the scraping of her hands as she has a stretch. She usually greets me in the morning with a similar punching and kicking routine - and she'd started responding to the mobile music. So, I played it through twice as I got dressed this morning... and nada. Not a sausage.

So. trying hard not to get 200% distracted, if I feel nothing at all during the day, I'm going to make my way home via Barts, which has I believe some sort of "non-emergency" medical drop in centre type thing, so I can hear her heartbeat. But, at some point shortly I might ring the Midwives dept at St Georges for some advice and/or reassurance.

The more I think about this, the more a voice in my head is saying "What in hell are you waiting for?". Truth is, I don't really know but I can't just get myself in a big knotty panic over nothing. I want to give her the opportunity to say hello to me naturally, I also don't want to waste everybody involved's time by becoming a panicky first time mother - know what I mean?

She's only 31 weeks, so there's no way she's so big she can't move anymore. A couple of days ago she was laying completely sideways in there scraping and kicking at both ends. Just... ok... you know the chances of anything being wrong are very remote. Ok?