It's definitely not a jacuzzi
Oh my God

It was worth it!

He said, before he went to the bathroom, guided by me, in order to stick his head down the toilet and puke copiously.

Mackay went out to a pub quiz last night, hosted by Al, and sponsored by FHM magazine. On the team were: Steve from TGP, Stu, Rich Herring, Mackay, Dan Antopolski (who apparently was in an episode, although I'm buggered if I can remember which one) and... someone else I forget. Apparently they couldn't get Ben to do it because he was doing something else. If Ben had been on the team then guaranteed, we would now have some sort of voucher for a weekend holiday for two (hey, babies under 2 go free on most airlines) in Spain. Instead, we are now in possession of a Panasonic portable DVD player, which can also be used in conjunction with a TV. They came second. Apparently there was absolutely no collusion between Rich and Al, who was of course reading out the quesions.

There is a daft way, for me, of loving Mackay when he's very drunk. He is comprehensibly useless in that condition, but he is also carefully gentle, and thoughtful. And invariably hilarious. I couldn't sleep (unusually - ahem) so when I heard a scratching at the outside door then nothing, then some more fumbling, at about 1am, I knew it was him. I hadn't realised "the boys" would be going (Rich and Stu are two of his oldest friends) or else I would have been more prepared for the dishevelled, hopeful faced, staggering berk who stood before me saying "I am good! I won you a prize!" (after taking about 5 to 10 minutes to make it through both sets of front doors). Alcohol can bring out a funny side of peoples' natures, and in Mackay it brings out a sometimes melancholy, but mostly just fumbly need for affection. After much ordering him about, I managed to get him in to bed in one piece, where he curled up against my arm saying "I am good!" before conking out and miraculously, not snoring.

The DVD player is astoundingly good actually. Perfect for short plane journeys (2 hour battery life only - hmmm) and in the future, one suspects, bored child on long car journeys (car power pack available seperately). But, most importantly in the short term, it means (although we miss out on multi region) we don't have to get a DVD player, and we can just replace our TV, the screen of which tends to make everything look like a particularly green episode of the X Files.

Mackay is already rubbing his hands together looking at DVD rental sites, I think more for the novelty than actual usage.

No new on imminent arrivals today, although she is at present pursuing an O'Brien sleeping pattern, being unbelievably quiet throughout the day (paranoia alarm bells at the ready, obviously) yesterday, then keeping me awake from 1 until nearly 4 with constant pulling and pushing (yes, very nice, good, I'm glad you're ok now can you please QUIT).

Going out for an evening out in a mo. Yes! Out of the house! To see other people and not just shop keepers!