Hari Kunzru's rejection of Daily Mail Prize

London today

A cop on the Today programme this morning talked about London being on a very high state of alert regarding the possibility of a terrorist bombing, and on the train in to work, two large army-sized helicopters were trailing across the skies of south London like two fat bluebottles, circling.

It reminds me slightly of the situation in the eighties and even early nineties, when bored sounding Underground tannoy readers would explain that yet again, everyone had to tramp out of the station because of another bomb alert. And everyone feigned annoyance because in their hearts, they couldn't bring themselves towards that feeling for more than a second - suppose there really is one? Suppose I'm about to be blown forward by the blast? I'm not panicking though, absolutely not... (gulp).

And seeing the helicopters... one can easily see something happening that could mean more of them. Proper sirens. The whole works.

Jack Straw was his usual defensive and amazing self on the Today programme this morning, absolutely refusing to verbally acknowledge any possible link between the bombings in Turkey yesterday and the decision to invade and occupy Iraq. The continual repetition of the ridiculous message that the "free" world must fight these terrorists (doing alot of good so far, isn't it) and the casually pushed away single sentence saying well, of course we'll carry on political means, regarding the Palestine/Israel situation...

I mean... I could of course just blurt for hours on this subject. But I don't think I need to. about 150-200k people on the streets yesterday in town protesting and they skimmed over it on the news - no government figure even acknowledged it. I'm really beginning to hate the country I live in, and can't possibly vote for this bunch of cowardly, lying bastards again. The desperate thing of course is that means no Gordon Brown, and I don't trust any other economist with the British economy, frankly.

But, well - he supported the war publically too. Even though I doubt very much if that was his personal view (reading between the lines).