Oh my God
So. That's that then.

No news but plenty of action

Two nights running, have woken with some fairly strong "practice" contractions. Not Braxton Hicks, but full on period pain type pain.

On both occasions, have thought, aye aye - should I wake up Mackay? But what of course it's doing is buggering up my sleep even more than it was before, which is somewhat of a nuisance. However.

She's still moving literally all over the place - I've felt her head in about five different positions in the last day or so. All I can do is psychically suggest to her that she gets her bloody head down. Get it down woman!!!

Very unscientific survey wise, I have discovered that every single one of my friends who have had to have a late scan for whatever reason, have been over estimated in terms of weight. Once to the tune of about 3 lbs! So - although that's not exactly hard evidence, it does give me the opportunity to ask some good, solid questions on Monday. What is exactly is the precentage chance of this birth weight being right?

She feels big now though. Uncomfortable in a very different way. Like... well, some bits of my womb, if she decides to go sit in it, she's packed in like a bulging shopping bag, pulling the skin right out - extremely uncomfortable. Other bits there is plenty of room but I don't lose her anymore like I used to.

Anyway, am battling a migrainy headache today so must go. It's the sort I get with the lights in the eyes rather than the headache - so I'm a bit dizzy and fumbly. Probably just lack of sleep. I've got a feeling it's BP, so must try to be nice and relaxed.