It was worth it!
No news but plenty of action

Oh my God

You may remember some time ago, I humorously used the phrase "We're going to need a bigger boat". Or, if you cast your mind back further, you may also remember my Doctor sternly telling me that as a vegetarian, I had beeter make sure I eat a lot of protein, or I'll end up with a small baby.

Well, joy to the world, it appears that my nutrition is par excellence... nearing Texan protein standards, I would say, because a week and a bit before the due date (which probably means more like 2 weeks before birth) the beloved child is an estimated 9 lb's, 6oz.

Can I just say that again, bearing in mind that in the course of a week, she can easily put in well over a pound in weight. Nine pounds and Six ounces.

Nine pounds and six ounces!!!

If she does go over term, and possibly, frankly, even if she doesn't, we're looking at an 11 lb baby.

Suddenly, ceasars and epidurals are beginning to look very, very attractive.

On the "plus" side, she's not in breech (again). I don't trust you to lie still, you wee minx but if you can, possibly I would be most grateful. Even though you're about to crack me open like an egg.

I'm going to scan in all her measurements later or type them in or something - in the meantime, Mackay and I are about to go out and view the "London's West End" version of our mate's mad musical extravaganza, as a sort of last "date" before lives and it appears, internal organs, are changed forever.