What the...???
Day 2 of no work

So - day 1 with no work went by

Turned out of course that I had loads to do anyway.

You know what? She's so big now, I can't really slouch on a chair, in any capacity. I have to sit bolt upright.

I have also decided that since I'm not out gallivanting (ie: going to work) I am not going to wear the corset, which pushes her right up and I'm absolutely certain she doesn't like. Particularly since today it transpires that she's in breech again. So I have to try and keep her pushing on downwards and engaging properly.

Scan on Friday, which will be lovely. Seing her again, and so weirdly close to the birth. Then if she's confirmed to be in breech, there's an "ECV" next week. "ECV" is an External Cephalic Version. (What a very knowledgeable info page this one is, if you want to know more). Liz didn't really spend much time explaining what actually happens, so I theeeenk a degree of the third degree may occur on Friday. I like to know what the hell is going on, generally.

BP is up this week, as I suspected. didn't really feel myself as I walked round to Boots to get the Tens Machine. Another tick off job done. And the anti-bed-faller-offer from Argos, *and* measured up for the ole' nursing bras. All in one day.

Pool comes tomorrow in bits - will attempt a photographic record of installation etc.

Hey, thanks for the good thoughts the other day. Felt so completely weirded out. Strange. But, not so strange.