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Spain... plus mobile phone horror.

British summer time - means Spain and weaning

...was invented to confuse babies. It clicked over on Sunday, and today is the first vaguely well oriented day, timewise. She actually slept when she was supposed to sleep and all that jazz.

Took long enough!

Now her schedule will again be destroyed the sheer horror of a trip to spain where McK's parents have rented a villa. I am absolutely in bits, frankly, and trying to keep it together. Ha! Meanwhile, I won'tb be able to update for a week, I'd bet so I'll come back to a blog full of crap spam, I've no doubt.

Spent the day today pulling together some share options (alarmingly average amounts of money, unfortunately) and more importantly, making Nora's first ever babyfood! Apple (of course), carrot and swede would you believe. It is now residing in the freezer awaiting our return. While we're away, Nory gets her first ever baby rice. All very exciting.

Signing off for the mo.