Bumbo's ahoy

Oh arse

The central heating's buggered. The thermostat has gone, and so earlier on inthe evening, feeding nory became a battle against sweat. we switched it off, which means a game of tag team tomorrow phoning ventral heating engineers and switching the heating on and off such that the flat veers wildly between vaporously hot and nasty, damp cold.

Such a good move with a 3 month old child in the house. Sigh. Thank god it's only damp and bloody cold, rather than snowing and freezing.

Oh oh! She did her first roll on her own today! And demonstrated tool use with the "pre-weaning spoon-toy" what I have given her to mess about with so she doesn't get freaked by spoons when they start being used (thanks again to the Sears book for that advice. They also suggested: first time you introduce a solid - as in the first time ever, put some on the end of your finger, so bab will only get completely freaked out by 1 thing, not 2. ).

Oh, I rarely do this, but I pass on a link c/o Malbec. "Gay" men in an "I'm Spartacus" moment.