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Unforseen circumstances

If you'd told me two weeks in to Nora's life, when the only way she could latch was through silicon, and my breasts were lucky to exude more than a couple of ounces between them, that Nora would be coughing, spluttering, pulling her head back and revealing 4 huge fountains of foremilk jetting out I would have looked sceptical to say the least.

But there you go. Perseversance is king. Of course, she's a rubbish latcher and I still have to express after nearly every meal and give her the leftovers in the next one, but she's getting stronger - the hoover action will be working eventually. Look, the way I see it, this is my job for the moment. I spent 2 years seriously inconveniencing myself and knackering myself to get the MBA under my belt - the least I can do is spend equivalent effort on her instead of myself. I say this because various folk have recently looked at my with a bemused look in their eye and said outright "Wouldn't it be easier just to give her formula?". Yup, it sure would. Next question?

Anyway, we've now gone 2 days in a row without having to have one formula meal (to express that one and help enable "top ups" for the other meals during the day). It's a small but significant positive.