Unforseen circumstances
"I'm going to be literally, physically sick"

When nature provides, it also gives us obstacles


The aforementioned super-milk situation has an unfortunate downside. Well, there's the frustrating downside, then the really bad downside. The unfortunate one is that Nora was so regulated to having a formula meal last thing that the "easily digestible, that's the whole point" human milk version is causing her to wake up at anywhere between 5.20 and 5.40. She normally has a brief "mimble" around that time and settles back down to sleep. Not anymore, dear reader. She writhes herself awake and cries for desperate nourishment.

Nourishment which she then rejects.

You see, the "really bad" downside is that she won't take milk from my right breast. The big "factory" one, the one that two sucks on the end turns into a vertiable crop spraying device. The aforementioned spraying has, over the course of a week and a half of it happening, traumatised Nora so much that she has decided that latching on to that one is too distressing for words. I can't even get her near the nipple without a screaming fit so upsetting to her that I have to pull back and hold the beetroot faced, sweating and anxious baby to my shoulder and rock her for a good few minutes before she can calm down.

Friday's visit to the health clinic yielded no results. the Health Visitor didn't take the problem seriously because Nora still put on weight last week as opposed to lost it. I felt a bit let down, truth be told. she suggested stopping "top up" bottles altogether and getting her to feed at the breast exclusively. Er, yes. Well, that might work if I could get her to the bloody breast in the first place. Given that she'll only touch the left one, I do not see how stopping her from receiving the rest of her meal is going to solve things. I can see the cold logic of the position but unfortunately, that missed out the clenched, sucking fists and crying element. No way on the planet am I inflicting that on my child.

So. suggestions are welcome.