Michael Moore


The first cvlue came last night. A rich red line on the top of the left hand side of her gum - in the middle, obviously. Then tonight, taking her Calpol (believe me, I hate giving it to her but sometimes it gets so bad the only other way she'd sleep is if you knocked her out), the wee plastic syringe went 'tap tap tap' against something hard inside her mouth.

We are now really reaching the final furlong of teeth no's 1&2. Not before bloody time, I can tell you! She's soooooooo miserable. So, unutterably miserable. It starts at about 6.30 - her dribbling becomes a torrent, her fists are both in her mouth and she's crying. It's really rough on her.

Aye aye aye - hopefully next time we wil be able to teach her the sign for teeth or mouth or something and she will be able to articulate it a bit.