Twinkle, twinkle
Ladies and gentlemen

Feeding clinic

We were invited along to attend a specialist feeding clinic, wshich unfortunately means Nora has to go to bed an hour late on Mondays. We've been for two weeks noew and after last week's assessment session, this week we were actually given strategies for change.

It's interesting noting my psychological defensiveness about this. So the idea is, we have to give her lunch made up of only finger food. And that's it. Originally, they wanted us to cut the meal time down to 1/2 an hor too but we were so uneasy we didn't do that.

The idea is to spread a whole bunch of finger food on Nora's high chair table, and eat the same thing at the same time (or bloody similar anyway- given that I'm not going to be eating any turkey any time soon). But only for lunch though, so we feel easier about shoving loads of the usual down her at supper.

Reasons we're uneasy? the finger food part of her meal times usually lasts approx 5 minutes before she gets bored and decides to scramble it all on to the floor, or throw it at Elliott, the cat.

Good god, my Dad's just called. It's half past ten at night, what is he doing!