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11 months old today


In another month Nora will be 1 whole year on the planet. Today, civilians in Fallujah are being shot and injured, or holed up in their houses without electricity or water. I have difficulty imagining a Nora aged infant or younger inthat kind of environment.

If anyone for a moment imagines that this action in Fallujah will somehow *reduce* the anti-Americanism which is at fever pitch in the Middle East then I think they are in for a shock.

Meanwhile. Nora is slightly more on an even keel and is at nursery today despite cough (she's perfectly well, just still has the chestyness). I have to say I'm bloody mortified at what Mackay did to get her to eat her tea yesterday. He let her watch the tele while he was feeding her! Insanity. But it worked. Which is even worse, in a way.

I just want her to be well again, and I want her to like eating. I do not for the life of me know how to achieve one without the other. And the latter seems to be impossible.

Ugh Gud

Dab right thus iznd an aberujj kuld.

3 days I've had it and I've only just begun to get the stuffed up nose. I've been coughing my guts up since Thursday.

Nora, meanwhile is still a very sick girl. She's barely eating enough to cover 1 meal a day.She coughs thick gunge ridden coughs up from her wheezing lungs. I'm thinking about phoning NHS Direct and getting come advice re: when to cash in that antibiotics scrip. Aye aye aye. She's lost so much weight in the last week, her ribs and backbone are showing.

Argh. It's pretty horrible.

The dull aching hurt

Of being at work is just making it through the sore throat, coughs and snots. I'm not sure if I have come out in sympathy with Nora or I have a serious two weeks of warding off evil spirits wielding grey-green lung gunge ahead.

Nora is so ill.

Why the fuck am I at work. Ok. Come on. McK's at home with her. She ate some jelly for breakfast (15 spoons!), we've got the saline nasal spray and Mackay's going to get the steam inhaler later (I bloody hope. Otherwise, I'll go out this evening and pickit up from the handily late opening Westburys). We've got a scrip from the Doc for antibiotics for her chest if she starts getting worse. According to the Doc, she definitely has a "nasty, bad virus". Well, that's damned helpful. This is not a cold. She's coping remarkably well considering how little she's eaten since Monday (eeeeeeesh) but she wakes in the morning wimpering and coughing, shallow breathing and this morning, unable to feed, before drooping in my arms in to a fitful little doze.

...and so after staying with her yesterday, I'm now at work unable to think of anything but her, and desperately hoping that she'll start to be a bit better today.

Exhausted, and sick myself doesn't really help mattters.

Oh this has been a very miserable entry. Sorry about that.

House of the sick

Deary me.

I have hated going to work in the last couple of days. McK has been looking after Nora while she is sick, and she has barely eaten a thing for the last two and a half days.

...and I get home today to find that she's still sick as a dog, with McK looking grey faced in his dressing gown on the sofa. Turns out that my "seasickness" the other night is actually Nora's awful, awful cold. McK, poor bastard, got it full on not as a cold but as an "out of both ends" style virus. Thank you, thank you, oh great physical nature of the universe that Nora did not have a dreadful out of both ends style virus.

Anyway. So. I don't think I'll be going to work tomorrow, given that I will be putting on my Florence Nightingale uniform. Nora's been... okayyy so far tonight but she's been a bit wakey and mizzy. Sooo much better than last night though which was frankly dreadful.

So, I'd better get to bed so I won't be wiped out when she does, inevitably, wake up miserably.