The meaning of ITunes to a 35 year old woman
This one is Mackay's favourite

Paintings c/o Fraser King

Another beauty
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Right, so, here they are at last. Fraser is a smashing person, who I commissioned without knowing who he was, when my Dad was still working in an art gallery that sells his stuff.

I asked him to do "Before and after" and he got a bit carried away, ending up doing 2 extra paintings because he's too nice. And needless to say, the paintings are bloody incredible.

the funny thing was, they were originally a surprise birthday present for Mackay, and it wasn't until I saw them in their frames that I realised. They're not for Mackay, they are for her. And we're just looking after them for a while.

Just think how amazing it will be for Nora's kid/s to have these. Blimey!