Oh *bloody hell*
Disgusting, disgraceful news

Astounding news

Astounding because it has come straight from an eyewitness, presumably on a mobile phone or something similar to the BBC.

This is quite an extraordinary time. Who is mediating this citizenry news? I ask this merely as a question rather than an opinionated one. The Police will be going *spare* that this guy has given the BBC a detailed description of how plain clothed policemen seem to have behaved illegally:

"Mark Whitby said: "I was sitting on the train... I heard a load of noise, people saying, 'Get out, get down'.

"I saw an Asian guy. He ran on to the train, he was hotly pursued by three plain clothes officers, one of them was wielding a black handgun.

"He half tripped... they pushed him to the floor and basically unloaded five shots into him," he told BBC News 24. "

I think perhaps 1 shot might have been enough, at that point?

London feels very peculiar at present. Stupid. pathetic. copycat bombings, running battles and shootings; some poor bastard just walking down Whitehall wearing a backpack held at gunpoint and ends up all over the TV. Whereas after the bombings i felt as safe as I had done pre-the bombings to be honest, I'm now feeling slightly unnerved. You can't tell just how many nutters there are out there, waiting to come out of the woodwork and using any pretext as an excuse.

Well. I'm glad I don't use the tube that often. Too much anxiety emanating from everyone around, I imagine.