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Streatham - the seat of terrorism (apparently)

Police officer stationed outside the local mosque on Sunday ( though I'm assuming that was more to prevent dumbass edjits imagining that it was a good idea to graffiti the place, or worse).

Now the drone of the Police helicopter, which sometimes seems to do practice manoevres over Streatham common late night (thanks guys) seems to be almost constant.

We're *so lucky* to have the Police station only a block away from our flat. It means a constant "Woowoowoo" of "Pleese Car", day or night at present. I think I noticed the increased Police activity before I knew about the news from Streatham Hill. Strange how the rest of Streatham just chugs along, going to Argos or WH Smiths; trying to find dishwasher salt in Sainsbury's local (and failing).

We watched the horrendous news on Friday, which of course at that point was only "The Police have shot a man dead at close range".

Had to watch it for a few minutes because it was so astounding. Nora picking up words from the presenter's voice over constantly.

"Pleese. Shot. Man."

Yes darling. The Police shot a man.

Sometimes you just want to hold her, and hold her, and hold her.