Oh Lordy, she watched TV
Streatham - the seat of terrorism (apparently)

There's still milk!

I simply do not believe that there is still a bip of milk in my knockers. I stopped breastfeeding her about 4 months ago!

When you get mastitis off and on when you're feeding, you get used to the warning signs - your nips going sore and hard in one partcular spot. So one of mine just was, and I checked it out (without getting all oo-er missus about it, you have to give 'em a bit of a pinch, basically) and lo and behold, a teeny suidge of foremilk that had been building up (hence soreness) splidged out! So hang on, is it there is the other one?


This is some bizarre biological trick to allow me to become a bloody wet nurse, I know it.