1 week old today
Numb bum


Because James can't latch properly yet, and is therefore still using nipple shields, I find that my old style Nora paranoia regarding weight etc is a difficult dragon to keep under control, partially because of her history, and partially because it's very difficult to guage exactly what's going on when you're feeding through silicon. We've been feeding every 3 hours and only last night did we go to a 10 pm-ish feed, then a demand feed at 3.30. I got sleep! I got  approx 5 hours sleep overnight!

Pretty good.

So the midwife came today for the last time before the health visitor takes over - James' weight when he was born was 3900 grams ie: 8lb's 10oz.  well above average but not unmanageably so (he still looks teeny weeny to me, I have to say). he obviously lost birthweight - on Thursday he was 3800g (8lbs 7oz-ish) and today he is... 4100! That's 9lbs!

I can't believe he's put on 9oz's in 5 days. Nora used to put on 3 a week (hence my slight nervousness in this area).

I am inordinately proud of myself, to be frank. When he was jaundiced up and not feedling at all last week, I felt the white heat of despair as I went in to the familiar, slightly soul destroying regime of pumping out and cup feeding. I haven't had to express off for days.

Life is good. Now, if he'll only sleep when he's told ;)