Gurgling... we have gurgling

Going away for ten days

To my Dad's in the south of France.

I really don't feel comfortable travelling with James being this young, but sometines when McK gets an idea in his head, there's no point trying to say no really.

As I've said to him, I don't really expect to have much of a holiday myself, given that I'm tied to James every three-ish hours during the day but I'll tell you what I do expect, and that's feeding James, then handing him to McK for looking after / messing about / taking for a walk to sleep so I can get some rest. Often.

I feel ashamed saying this too, and I'm trying hard to prevent myself from feeling worried about it, but James hasn't has his stage one immunisations yet, and we're going through an international airport. We're so fucking sstupid that we booked the flights before he was born, and then he arrived in such a way that the holiday is bang on week 8. Twats!

Anyway. See you in 10 days, all things being equal.