Half way through today
Nettle tea

Nora's new bed

Thought it was about time I talked about Noo, despite the fact that I'm able to slend very little time with her at present (which is more painful for both of us than I could have possibly imagined).

Nora is in a grown up bed. Well. She is most of the time. Apart from when she isn't. Which to be fair, is not that often. She's been sleeping in it since the weekend, and I think it was Monday, we found a trail of her Beatrix Potter books leading to the bed, with a chewed up cover here, a bitten book there, after her afternoon sleep. I had in fact heard her scrumbling about the room when I was in the kitchen but I grinned and let her get on with it. But - shewed up Beatrix Potter! How dare she!

We bought a proper wooden bunk bed as a purely practical step given that they'll probably be sharing a bedroom still in a couple of years when Jamie will graduate from cot to bed - but have removed the ladder in the meantime (although I don't think that will make much difference for long).

It's been a welcome respite for Nora, who has shown her strain by crying, often and saying "No" quite a lot . At present it's kind of like being in a 1 parent family with 1 child - each. McK gets to look after Nora; I get to look after James. Very occasionally we get to switch jobs and I need to be in a position to do that more often , for sure. At present my day revolves around - Wake James (or he wakes me), feed James, change nappy, full body massage with emollient cream (although the aforementioned SOS cream arrived today. Jaysus, it's expensive), which leaves about half an hour max approx before next nap for kicking about purposes. Forget sitting around playing and doing developmental stuff - my God, that'll be the day. Anyhoo so Nora doesn't get much of a look in, poor  munchkin.

Having said all that I was just about to relate the latest trip to the Battersea Park Children's Zoo but since I was supposed to have started feeding James approx 5 minutes ago, I'll shut up and go away...

re: last post. It's sleep deprivation that does it. No sleep = feelings of overwhelming hopelessness. Amazing what an hour's kip will do.