The first time ever I saw your face

Soya apears to be ok

Having done the "no nothing" diet for a couple of weeks, we now begin the "gingerly introduce it and see what happens" diet.

First off: Soya. So... off I go to buy some Cauldron soya sausages. Except the health food shop doesn't have any, and every other product with soy in turns out to also have wheat protein or milk in. Bah! In the end I thought, sod it, and bought some chocolate flavour "Tofitee" or whatever it's called - ie: erzatz ice cream for vegans. For masochists, more like - it's entirely revolting. 1/2 a tub  yesterday, half a tub today and absolutely no raised reaction from hisc nibs. We'll wait till tomorrow morning to judge events but it looks good so far.

Having done the one food product I thought he wasn't going to react to, I'm now in a bit of a bind. Do we go for milk or wheat before going away next Monday to my Dad's house (in France) or do I eat the diet from hell until we come back, so that we can be in control of James' health whilst we're out there?

Uhuhuh.. what do you think?

*smacks head at timing*. Righto. Rice cakes are going to take up alot of space in my luggage then. Arse!

...and still nothing from the paediatrician. I'm phonig the doc's tomorrow so I can get the right hospital department, phone them and ask them what the hell's going on.