So where was I?
So, here's a quick "Where we're at"

Blackberry sorbet - no milk, you see

Pretty yummy.

Oh - he's allergic to milk products, we have now ascertained. At the moment, when he needs a little formula he has "Wysoy". Fucking Soya milk for a damned baby? It's ludicrous. as soon as I'm completely free of any residual milk product stuff (another week and a half) we'll try him on "Nanny" again. Goats milk is at least animal milk and not Soya! That's insane!

being a vegetari I have had my fill of Soya over the years, and recent research suggested having it too much is not a good idea. It has had possible links with Althzeimers*. Not something I want to be feeding a developing brain too regularly really.

*Research done in Hawaii on the Japanesen population - those who were Vegetarians and ate a lot of tofu, and those who has soya as an occasional part of the diet, but had a varied diet in other ways. Guess which of those groups had more Althzeimers! Of course, it could also be to do with eating no fish as opposed to inclusion... but better safe than sorry eh? It runs in one side of my family.