Sob. I am a bad greeny!
30 degrees

Oh lawks

My ADSL died for 4 days. It's like staring at the entire opposite of an elephant in the room. A lack of elephant. A black hole, sans elephant. Where's the fucking elephant, I want to see the elephant!!! (sob).

Ah. It's back now.
So, 36 degrees, and humid as hell now. House arrest has been well underway for several days and James seems to be coping with the confinement exceptionally well. More than I am. I had to go out in fact, to go to a health food shop ten minutes walk from here, and back on Tuesday. By the time I got back, I was barely capable of picking him up, I was so hot. It makes such a difference if you don't go out andencounter the heat first hand.

Now I'm here, I've drawn a blank given that life seems to be simply chugging along despite scorchio conditions. Except to say that we took down the keyboard that was given to us by a weirdly famous actress type (who happened to be going out with a friend of ours for a slightly surreal interlude) from offuv teh tele (and films!). It's been stuck on top of the wardrobe and now it lives on my beautiful 1950's coffee table, open and ready for Nora to play with any time she wants.It's also a great joy to be able to go over to it and pick out a tune whilst James flops about rolling over on to his tummy on the playmat (and managing to look too cute, then frustrated and stuck, all within approx 1 minute). I am going to force myself to play harmonies plus tune if it kills me, despite my maniacally limiting obsessive left-handedness.

Nora really likes it, which is wonderful. We've found a local person who does piano lessons (but are they any good? Christ knows) so I have to phone them and get advice on early learning. Kids tend to start any kind of extra curricula learning at around 3, so there's no reason why she shouldn't have a more formal half an hour once a week, eh? If she likes it, of course.

Now I must abed, slthough there must be too much else to tell you about.