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So where was I?

James went mad, demanding 3 feeds a night. He was making up for lost time after the last hot spell. Then what happened - another hot spell. We've been under house arrest since Friday afternoon, and James' sleeping, eating etc are *all over the place*. He's losing weight by the day - he only wants to drink foremilk (and I don't blame him). I've been trying to bolster him up with the odd bit and piece of formula & expressed here and there, but it's difficult when he's totally lost any sense of "every three / three and a half hours" (hour and a half or half an hour, anyone?) and the old knockers are full to bursting. I'm throwing it away at the moment to make sure I don't reduce - can you imagine having less milk when this hot spell breaks? The kid is going to be hoovering food up like some kind of suckage monster.

And I know it's alright, and I know he's perfectly happy but I'm a Mother, am I not. therefore *any* idea of my Lovely not eating or dear god, losing weight is enough to drive me in to the paranoia side of town.

And it' only early July. You know, when it went over 30 in June I had a bad feeling about this summer - and the current dense heat is only making me feel more forboding. It's going to be hot until mid September.

...thank God though, less than 2 weeks till solids. Six months, me arse. How time disappears!