Blackberry sorbet - no milk, you see
Outstanding life moments no.45

So, here's a quick "Where we're at"

-Nora's got a really bad chest again, despite copious "Puff medicine" ie: Salbutamol. She's otherwise generally ok though. I bought her a DVD of the "Wallace and gromit" shorts t'other day, and realised that 2 of them are more like semi-longs. So it'll be "A Grand day Out" only for a while. I put on "A close Shave" first by accident and she grew visibly bored (although she did ask for it the next day). Loved the porridge machine though. I should have realised before and bought her the "Creature comforts" DVD as well. Which I now have done.

-James laughed his head off on Tuesday for the first time, watching nora bashing her knife and fork on the table! he's got the sweetest, most beguiling smile and a funny horsey kind of laugh (one short high pitched breathing in shreak of laughter is the norm) which he does relatively often, but we'd never seen him really, really laugh. It was fantastic.

-Nora woke up coughing and crying the other night, just at the point when James was waking for his first night feed (of the three he is still having currently - ayeesh). McK was out. I went in to see her, nervous that James would begin to really cry (which is never nice). Nora said "Go away. Go to James" before turning her back on me. Ah. Right. I think we need to think about this a little.

Lastly - which home-food-creation project sounds more feasible as a long term project. Bee keeping or keeping a goat?