So let's go over this...
Oh lawks

Sob. I am a bad greeny!

I can't believe this. It's Sod's law. I spend my time prosthletising about how easy and wonderful terry nappies are, and how if you buy them for one, then basically you get no.2's nappy provision for free... and so forth...

...and it transpires that James' poor old skin means we can't bloody use our terry nappies with him! I don't believe it! I think I'll keep persevering on and off for another month or so, but last time I tried, he had enormous red welts anywhere where wee had touched his skin surface for any significant length of time. Don't say to me "well change him more often, then". We change him 'enough'.

So my green credentials are disapearing fast, basically. We use those OKO disposables though! Plus we buy them in bulk from an online shop so we save on delivery fuel consumption (er, and we get free delivery over £100 - small consideration!).

Still - my God, the point is you have to think in numbers over £100, and if he could wear his Tots Bots, it'd be FREE. AARGH.