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The Wolf and Peter story

There's only so much of "Monkey Music" and "Bagpuss songs" any sane adult can take, so we searches for some more music Nora might like. Mackay had a copy of Peter and the Wolf narrated by Richard Attenborough (weird!) he got free from the front of a BBC classical music magazine, so he put it on.

The trouble is, I have no one memory of Peter and the Wolf I can say I was whipped back to. I can remember watching  an animation of it which I presume was Russian, but frankly, it was so omnipresent, it's the kind of thing that becomes your DNA - there is no time I didn't know it.

So Nora heard it for the first time.

She loved it.

"Play it again!" she said, directly after it had finished.

4 days later, it's "Put on the wolf and Peter story!" .... sigh... ok, then, but only if you eat up your breakfast. That'll be the first playing of approximately 5 in a row, then.

I'm not sure whether it is purely the music (I heart Prokoviev, even at his most sing songy) or explaining the story, and pretending to look scared when the wolf music starts, and watching her face with her sly, funny grin beginning to creep over it, as if the pair of you are sharing some secret... but until I get used to it, I'm having difficulty getting through the whole thing without there being tears in the old eyes.

There's that, and she's also nuts about is Nuevo by the Kronos Quartet. It's completely madcap, I mean.. a really mental record. Her favourite track is track 4, "El Illorar" (the funny man singing) - take a listen on the Amazon product page. Entirely bonkers. Apparently it's a traditional song. Subjected to a fairly surreal arrangement, I'd say.

My daughter is almost entirely bonkers. I am proud.