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A missed moment of glory

I filled in the 100 words or less form on Beeb news to nominate your favourite local landmark, but didn't realise it was part of some vote or other.

The Crystal Palace transmitters came second in the "South of Birmingham" section. When I tried to look this up 2 days ago, the search failed. If only it hadn't, then fame and fortune could have been mine for the asking. Only another 3,500 votes would have done it. Given that my average visitors per day to this towering edifice is 30, it might have taken more than a couple of days to achieve, mind you.

Having said that though, the hangars that won are amazing.


This is *hilarious*. We had the local freebie version of the south London Press (called "The South London Guardian" or something) posted through our letterbox, despite the "piss off with your spam" notice, and I noticed it had a picture of the Crystal Palace Tower on the front, and a thing saying "Vote for the tower as your landmark" or "BBC vote" or something. They were so short of news, basically, they wrote a piece about this daft vote, without referencing me at all - and made it sound like the BBC had decided the list, which was terribly official.

I was somewhat amazed on the bus.