The aftermath
Still ill

My son

Is huge. i don't mean fat. I mean long. He's so long, he's beginning to outgrow his infant car seat, which should last him until he's at least a year or so old. He's so long, he's wearing (caveate: 'some') 6-9 months clothes and they fit him, not like if he started wearing them at 6 months and they were too big.

Is it any wonder then that the child is still waking twice in the night? (groaaaaan).

This is bloody difficult. Because he's not sleeping through, he can't go in to the bedroom with Nora at 6 months. Nora went in to her own bedroom at 6 months, when I returned to work. Because I have to go to work, I will have to get up earlier than 7 to get dressed and have my breakfast, before feeding James then pissing off. What is the likelihood of me waking James early, by accident, when I get up? To say it's strong is an understatement - the cot in directly nect to my side of the bed. There's nowhere else to put it.

At present, he's veering about wildly in his late late feed. It seemed to stabilise at approx 5am, then suddenly it was 5.40, then back to 4am. The advent of solids hasn't really done much to stop things, given that he can't really digest alot of it right now, plus I'm actively not supposed to give him huge swathes of the stuff, because it'll affect his milk intake (which must be his primary food source for a while yet).

fr the last three days, he cried after tea because I didn't give him enough. As it is, I'm giving him more than is recommended.

Anyway. I'm so tired I keep making elementary typing mistakes.  *Yawn*.