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600k Polish in the UK? Bullshit, there are loads more. and they all live in Streatham.

it's been fascinating watching the changes in the local neighbourhood as the Poles have moved in. Every Asian / African shop has a little sign in the window talking about Polska productys, and the original central European deli up at Streatham Hill that sold delicious black bread and traditional cheesecake is nearly always packed these days - not to mention the newer, all-Polish, all the time deli up at the St Leonard's Church end.

It has long been the case that it is more likely that the white person in the queue next to you is in fact Polish, not British, and now they have families too, which is an interesting new development.

The thing that really says "We're here to stay" though, is the 'Anarcho' student-y house on Shrubbery Road (birthplace of the illustrious egomaniac mayor, Ken Livingstone). It says "Polska!" on the door written in a jaunty "Rad" style, and they play god awful Polish rap and metal-rap, very loudly. The bottom windows are boarded up, andthe top ones have been stylishly painted on from the inside (in lieu of curtains). What put me in mind of "The Young Ones" t'other evening was walking past it, and seeing two of these revolutionary kids from the streets sitting with their legs hanging out of the window, evidently enjoying a joint.

Yeah, London dudes! Streatham - party capital of the new Polish radical teen!