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The aftermath

I tend to be quite paranoid about the outside world, in the dark, outside the flat, where I can't see it. i always have been. When I lived on my own in Manchester, I must have iad the cops out at least three times over the course of a year or so (that's when I realised basically, I should not live on my own). So for the first few days after inept burglar man came in through the window were a bit tense. I'm finding that I still can't sleep, and the scaffolding outside doesn't look like it's going anywhere fast, the worlmen haven't been back for over a week. So it's still there, causing shadowns and easy access to everyone's flats (in theory).

Your memory plays tricks with you and starts fulfilling the citeria laid down by your paranoia. If you don't think it out, the burglar idiot, instead of looking like "some bloke" starts to look like a devil gargoyle or something slithery and evil trying to gain entrance to the place where your children live. It's an interesting but uncomfortable phenomenon.

I've been having a lot of thoughts recently regarding the nature of "evil",civilisation and the  - I guess it has its origins in De beauvoir's "A / not A" dichotomy in as much as that which is not evil (in terms of human interaction and development of such), must therefore constitute "civilisation". There's somes Hobbes thrown in plus very likely some kind of reflection on the whole Platonic civilsation thing, so if I were sensible, I would go back and read these people before trying toarticulate my musing. However, that would require TIME, which I haven't got. So instead it will come out as a "starter for 10" hotchpotch.

But now - Bed.